Oral BioFilter (OBF®) is an effective cross-infection solution for a safer dental practice

While performing standard dentistry and hygienist procedures, such as drilling or ultrasonic teeth cleaning, pathogen-infested blood & saliva aerosols are released into the dental office environment. These stay airborne for two hours and can penetrate face masks, becoming a source of infections among dental professionals and patients.

The OFB ® is attached is a simple device that, once attached to the high volume evacuation system available in any dental chair, provides an effective barrier which isolates the oral cavity from the dental office environment.


Cross-contamination in standard dental procedure by sprays and aerosols (Flügge droplets)

Safer protection

Avoid cross-infections among patients, dentists, oral surgeons or hygienists.

Better results

Avoid medical complications, like implant failures, due to  opportunistic infections

More comfortable

Unobstructed access to the oral cavity  with no exposure to wet aerosols and splatter. Ergonomic design for patient comfort .

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